Must-follow ressources for every Android developer

Continuous learning to stay on top of modern Android development is crucial for every good developer. Here are my top picks of ressources I believe every Android developer should follow:

Mailing lists
Subscribe to the following three mailing lists to receive the latest and greatest news and learnings in Android and Kotlin development on a weekly basis:

1.) Android Weekly
2.) AndroidDev Digest
3.) Kotlin weekly

4.) Fragmented – each week, Donn Felker and Kaushik Gopal discuss interesting topics around Android development and often interview domain experts about their experiences.
5.) Android developers backstage – run by Tor Norbey and Chet Haase, every two weeks Google employees give insights in the Android platform and tools.
6.) Talking Kotlin – although not Android specific, Hadi Hariri covers everything with regards to the Kotlin programming language.

7.) Medium – follow the Android hashtag
8.) Android Developers Blog – Google’s latest announcements

Android Camera Util Project

It seems to be the simplest thing in the world: taking a picture within your Android app using the default camera activity. However, there are many pitfalls which are covered in several posts across the web, such as:

  • null intents being passed back,
  • the orientation of the picture not being correct, or
  • OutOfMemoryErrors.

To safe you some time, I released my soultion as an open source project on GitHub: